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Sep 21, 2014
11:15 pm
Sep 21, 2014
11:31 am
Sep 21, 2014
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Sep 20, 2014
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Sep 20, 2014
10:07 pm
i've been doing a fair number of fic commissions lately, and i've started doing podfics as well, so i've updated my info and pricing!

:star:commissioning fanfics::star:
just copypasta this handy form into a PM, fill in the particulars, and send it to me! :dance:

FANDOM: (Kuroshitsuji, X-Men, Pandora Hearts, etc)
PAIRING: (Sebaciel, Grelliam, Ozbert, etc - if no pairing, put NONE or leave blank)
NSFW?: (YES if you want smut, NO if you'd like a safe-for work fic)
MAX PAGES: (the maximum number of pages you're willing to pay for)
PLOT: (what you want to happen - ex. "Sebastian teaches Ciel to swim")
STUFF TO INCLUDE: (things you want to see in the fic - ex. "Ciel and Sebastian in swimming costumes, Ciel in waterwings or an inner tube, Ciel tries to get out of the swimming lesson by saying he just ate, Sebastian is mad Ciel stole sweets")
AW YISS: (kinks/fetishes/hot-button stuff you want in the fic - ex. "Sebastian undressing Ciel in the water, Ciel gives Seb a b/j, Ciel licks cake frosting off of Seb, Seb scolds/spanks Ciel for the sweets theft") [note: very little is off-limits - if i think i can write a decent fic about it, i'll give it a try... if not, i'll let you know right away.]
ANYTHING ELSE?: (other info, reference links, really good mixed-drink recipes, etc)

once we've agreed on a fic outline, PayPal me half of your maximum total (i'll never write a story that's less than half the requested maximum - it'd suck if you were hoping for a minimum of 5 pages with a maximum of 6 and you only got 2!), and i'll get started. when the fic is complete, just send me the remainder owed for the total number of pages, and i'll either send you a Word doc, post the fic, or both - it's up to you. [another note: sometimes a fic just sort of gets away from me and goes over the maximum - if this happens, i will not charge you extra. your set maximum amount is the most you will ever pay for a fic, unless we've agreed otherwise in advance. i wouldn't make you pay for something you didn't ask for - that's just shitty.]

:star:fanfic price list::star:
(at sz 12 Cambria font - for comparison, Desire is a little over 11 pages)
[note: dialogue-heavy fics eat up pages while leaving lots of blank space - if this is the case, i go by word count instead of page number. Desire is a little over 5000 words.]

----Sebastian/Ciel: $3 per page
----different pairing/focus character: $5 per page

Pandora Hearts

----Oz/Gilbert (pre-Abyss): $5 per page
----Raven/Oz: $6 per page
----different pairing/focus character: $7 per page

Death Note

----Matt/Mello: $6 per page
----different pairing/focus character: $7 per page

----Logan/Rogue: $5 per page
----Gambit/Rogue; Spiral; Jubilee; X-23; Evo!Pietro: $5 per page
----different pairing/focus character: $6 per page

-other fandom: $7 per page

:star:podfic commissions::star:
prices for podfics are the same as fanfic commissions, whether it's your fic you want me to perform or something of mine you'd like to hear. if it's your fic, let me know how many pages it is and include a link to the story so i can get an idea of what i'll be doing. if it's one of my fics, i'll give you the total page count and quote you a price right away. extra stuff like music and sound effects can be added for a more realistic performance, but will cost a little bit more. the final sound file will be sent to you as an mp3, uploaded to tindeck, or both - again, your choice.

:star:bonus: if you commission a fic and a podfic of it at the same time, the podfic is half price!:star:

feel free to message me with any questions! :D
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which one should be recorded as a podfic next? 

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